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News: Parks and Open Space Survey Information

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9/9/2019 12:00:00 AM  Tom Tyburski 

Your Help Is Needed With Simsbury's
 Parks and Open Space Master Plan Survey

Did you ever say to yourself "I wish Simsbury had____ in this park" or maybe something like, "I hope that the Town never ________ in this park or open space"? Please take a few minutes to help us plan for the future of recreation facilities & open spaces in town. Click on the link below to get started with our survey! Parks and Open Space Master Plan Survey
Purpose of the Parks and Open Space Master Plan

Open space in Simsbury is over 30% of the total land area and highly valued by the Town’s citizens and visitors. Protected lands include recreation areas; farmland; different types of parks; trails, corridors and connections; historical features; a wide variety of different habitats, including the Farmington River, ponds, wetlands, grasslands, thickets, shrub lands and forests. This large amount and diversity of open space protects our water and air quality, supports biodiversity, recreation and our cultural history.
The Parks and Open Space Master Plan project will engage outside expertise to help the Town leverage, protect and maintain a healthy and diverse parks and open space network (considering properties owned by the Town, neighboring communities, the State, the Simsbury Land Trust and other entities) with amenities that serve the needs and promote the health of the entire community and the environment. The Master Plan will guide policy development, delivery of Town services, prioritize demands and opportunities and generate a strategic action plan for the Town’s parks and open space.  The Master Plan will be rooted in an all-inclusive public engagement process and will seek to incorporate current and future parks and open space needs of the Town, energy efficient strategies, accessibility, cost effective improvements and maintenance strategies, and opportunities to reuse municipal and/or non-municipal sites for passive recreation.

If you have questions about this survey or project, please email the Culture, Parks and Recreation Depart at

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