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Summer Art-ventures for Kids

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Summer ART-ventures for Kids

Summer ART-ventures for Kids provides affordable half-day programs, Monday through Friday, overflowing with unique summer art fun. These art-filled weeks are designed around a single exciting theme. ART-ventures for Kids helps children make the connection between art and the amazing world around us! We believe the best route to expanding a child's creativity is through exploring and experimenting with as many art forms, tools and techniques as possible. As a result, our summer art-ventures weeks expose children to a world of artistic wonder while we encourage their own original ideas and their own unique perception and interpretation of art.

" lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

With a dash of whimsy and a dollop of fun, we help art explorers think creatively about art and the amazing role it plays in our wonderful world!
* Provides unique and original art experiences using quality art materials 
* Talented instructors encourage children’s creative spirit and imagination 
* Inspires children to create art that is uniquely their own 
* Fosters creativity through exposure to a large variety of artists’ tools, techniques and materials 
* Programs include T-shirt creations and 2 or 3 awesome works of art each day 

Get a $19 discount if you sign your child up for both am and pm camp option in the same week!

Please send your child with an old over-sized t-shirt as a smock, a drink and a nut-free snack each day

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Camp Descriptions
6/27-7/1 Ooopsy Goopsy Messy Art Fun
Messy art is so much fun! And the works of art that come from making a mess are quite amazing! Think splatter, balloon, and blow painting. Make slime and flubber and silly putty. Create with shaving cream and glue. Oh, what a mess we make! Design ceramic doggy banks and create shrinky dink sculptures. Learn how to make your own clay, and then sculpt super cool masks. Decorate wacky, wild cars for an art car parade. Discover marbleizing and glitter painting, design batik T-shirts, and experience collage and fabric arts. Creative spirits are set free! (Artists must dress for a mess!)

6/27-7/1 Afternoon program Bouncy Bendy Art in Motion
Art-ventures with a totally unique twist! Make masterpieces with real moving parts, create the illusion of movement, and discover art processes that use motion to get amazing results. Combine metal, wood, and paper to build Spinning Sculptures inspired by Calder, and design Stretchy Stained Glass art you can re-shape again and again. Sculpt goofy Clay Monsters, craft Bendy Paper Lizards, and paint Seascapes like Monet. Create Matisse Watercolor Banners, Fireworks Flower Pots, and Textured Tissue Paper art. Design Kaleidoscopes, Dancing Pasta Sculptures, and Scribble T-shirts. Draw zany self-portraits inspired by Silberzweig, and decorate Cupcake Boxes with fluffy frosting and sprinkles. With a focus on color, shape, and MOTION, this program will have you jumping for joy!

8/8-8/12 Treasure Island and the Magical Kingdom
Pirate and Princess art-venturers sail the high seas and discover enchanted kingdoms while creating fantastical masterpieces. Get into character, donning handcrafted pirate hooks and sparkling princess hats. Make your own fireworks t-shirts and pirate flags. Draw magical kingdoms, paint watercolor pirate ships, and build super cool castles. Sculpt clay cupcakes that look yummy enough to eat and clay frog pots—perhaps they'll turn into princes! Draw treasure maps, design ceramic dragons, and create mosaic star boxes to hide your pirate treasure! Pirates and Princesses explore clay art, painting, beading, stained glass, fabric art, and more. Humorous storytelling is included. All in all, a fun and fantasy-filled week of creative art activities that kids will love to do!

8/8-8/12 Splish Splash Art Blast
This inspiring week of art-ventures sparks creativity, engagement, exploration and individual expression. Learn about the fascinating underwater world of seahorses, sea turtles and other wonderful creatures while exploring original art forms and techniques. Design beach hats, sunglasses, and T-shirts. Create ocean slime and discover the art of mosaics while creating sea shell boxes. Sculpt shimmery coral and goofy clay octopuses. Paint ceramic fish banks, and design ocean creature stuffed animals. Experience painting, printmaking, stained glass, ceramics, collage, mosaics, fabric art and working with clay.

Guidelines in place for this program to mitigate the spread of COVID-19:
Guidelines are currently expected to be similar to those below,
subject to refinement as more information becomes available. Following
these guidelines will be a cooperative effort between Mad
Science/ART-ventures and the hosting facility;

Students will be spread out around the room and seated at their own table, instructors will maintain distance as much as possible.

Maximum number of kids may be limited, and social distance will
be maintained when at all possible.

The instructor will wear a face covering at all times.

Pickup and drop off will be no-contact and distanced from instructors
and other kids.

Health and/or temperature checks will likely be required of children
and instructors.

Parents will be urged to keep children exhibiting any respiratory
symptoms or fever at home.

Sharing of equipment will be minimized and materials will be sanitized
to the extent possible and practical.

Work areas will be sanitized before and after sessions.

Bathroom visits will require sanitizing after each use and either need to be done by the facility, or they will need to provide the sanitizing products for our instructors to use.

Behavior Policy
Rules, Behavior, and Discipline Policy
Campers will be responsible for following ALL camp rules as listed below:
*Campers must be respectful to other campers, staff, and facilities and equipment at all times.
*Campers must remain in designated camp areas at all times unless escorted by a counselor.
*Campers must stay with their specified counselors at all times.
*Campers must use appropriate language with other campers and staff at all times.
*Campers are only permitted to leave camp when they are signed out by a parent/guardian or other
authorized person.
All children are expected to behave in a proper and respectful manner. We will not tolerate any physical violence, name calling, foul language, destruction of property, or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the staff. In accordance with the severity and frequency of the behavior, a behavior tracking form may be completed and kept on file. Parents will be notified and receive a copy of any such form. If warranted, the Recreation Department reserves the right to dismiss or suspend any child from the program. No refunds will be given.

* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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